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                  About Michaela

As a mom, I know how important it is to be guided by someone with a professional background, credentials and experience.  I have 20+ years of professional signing experience, a degree in Child and Adolescent Development and hold a national certification from The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.  These are what truly set me apart from others in my field.

Some questions and comments I've heard are: 

  • Can't I just learn what you teach from a book? 
  • I can watch videos online and learn how to sign. 
  • Do you use American Sign language (ASL)?

1)  Learning the basic how-to's and benefits can be found in various texts.  However, learning a visual 3d language that you've possibly never experienced out in the real world from a 2d format is very difficult.  The subtle nuances in forming particular signs can have drastically different meanings just by changing the location of where the sign takes place, your hand shape or which direction your palm is facing.  The benefit of having me, someone who is fluent in Sign, is that I will be there to show you the sign as many times as you may need to feel comfortable, notice any possible errors being made and expand on how the sign is produced.  Additionally, I will be your guide and reminder on how and when to use the signs or problem solve any issues that may arise during the process.  I am there to make sure you are successful.  Because when you succeed, I succeed.

2)  There are several videos online.  Just search ASL in YouTube and you'll have thousands of hits.  The problem is, not everyone who posts a video knows how to sign or how to sign correctly.  There are also videos that are not even in American Sign.  With me, you can trust that I will provide correct and dependable resources.  I will guide you to fun interactive websites that will build your confidence in sign, share beautiful displays of the language and give worksheets as a fun way to learn.

3)  Yes, all the signs I teach are in ASL.  It is one of the top three languages taken as a secondary language in schools.  If you are taking the time to learn and then pass that along to you Lil' one, it should be something that could benefit you all for a lifetime.  My grandmother, at 91, could still remember learning her ABC's in Sign language back in grade school!

This fascinating adventure, exploring a baby's mind via Sign language, inspired me to create Lil’ Hands in 2002.  I wanted to share this experience with other parents and caregivers; knowing it would absolutely change their relationship with their child for the better, as it had mine! 

You can expect fun yet professional one-on-one attention as you begin your journey toward a stronger parent/child bond.

 I’m excited to get you and your family started!